!8-exclamation8 in NY  「日常の境界-Everyday Boundary 」

!8-exclamation8 in NY
 「日常の境界-Everyday Boundary 」

2017年 5月7日(日) 19時00分~





新宅 謙吾の「Park 4 Nicole」は自身の家族を撮影し続けている
清成晋太郎の「新しい夜 new night」は作者の夜への考察と光と影、
新井潤峰 の「CHimchee」は自身のルーツである韓国のキムチについての映画。

「日常の境界〜Everyday boundary」と題した今回の上映では日常と
作家としての制作活動の境界 を行き来しながら作られた作品から、
日本の現代8mmシーンの断片を垣間みて頂けたらと思います。 石川亮

Program Title: Everyday Boundary
Programmer: Ryo Ishikawa

Fujifilm introduced Single 8 in 1965, as an alternative to Kodak’s Super 8, and Japanese filmmakers have been choosing one of them considering the uniqueness of each format. One of the biggest differences between these formats is that Single 8 film can be rewound as many frames as desired so that a filmmaker can create multiple layered images easily. However, Single 8 was never popular in other countries, so filmmakers in Japan developed a distinctive 8mm filmmaking style. Several years ago, Fujifilm ended the sales and support of Single 8, including processing services, and the scene of 8mm filmmaking in Japan has changed. Now, those who still prefer to use their Single 8 cameras shoot expired films and/or use a Single 8 cartridge with a film taken out from a Super 8 cartridge. While it is getting more difficult to make an 8mm film, some young filmmakers find it a fascinating new medium. Everyday Boundary is a program that showcases ten short films made by Japanese filmmakers who work with 8mm formats constantly. Each of them finds time in daily life to work on creative projects, crossing the boundary between day-to-day activities and artistic ones. I hope the audience would see a glimpse of today’s 8mm film scenes in Japan from this program. – Ryo Ishikawa

Ryo Ishikawa is a filmmaker based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a co-founder of !8 (Exclamation 8), which is a collective of filmmakers organizing screenings of 8mm films at various venues in Japan. He also has been organizing filmmaking workshops in Tokyo and other cities. He currently works at National Film Center (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo) in Kanagawa, Japan, inspecting films, especially small formats.

Naoaki Miyamoto is a photographer and filmmaker living in Tokyo. He studied filmmaking at Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image, and since then he has made several 8mm films, considering the art of moving image as an extension of photography.

Reina Yokoe, a senior at Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in Musical Creativity and the Environment, started making 8mm films about a year ago. She is interested in analog media and she often uses expired films and does hand-processing for her projects.

「3分56秒のモラトリアム」ムラカミ ヒロキ
「Park 4 Nicole」新宅 謙吾
「あす、満ち欠ける」 宮本 尚昭・山 ミヤエ
「under current 」石川亮
「影をなめすと」日景 文雄

Center★Center (Saika Tokunaga, 4 min., Super 8, 18fps, sound, 2011)

Moratorium 3'56" (Hiroki Murakami, 5 min., Single 8, 18fps, sound, 2012)

SHIBUYA X (NAGAO, 7 min., Super 8, 18fps, sound, 2017)

Park 4 Nicole (Kengo Shintaku, 2.5 min., Single 8, 18fps, sound, 2014)

New Night (Shintaro Kiyonari, 3 min., Single 8, 18fps, silent, 2011)

Tide (Naoaki Miyamoto & Miyae Yama, 5.5 min., Super 8, 18fps, sound, 2015)

CHimchee (Junhou Arai, 5 min., Super 8, 18fps, sound, 2012)

under current (Ryo Ishikawa, 5 min., Single 8, 18fps, sound, 2012)

Me and you are friends (Sayaka Hayami, 3 min., Super 8, 18fps, silent, 2017)

AONA (Reina Yokoe, 3 min., Super 8, 18fps, silent, 2017)

Tanning the film (Akio Hikage, 5.5 min., Single 8, 18fps, sound, 2012)

日 時: 2017年 5月7日(日) 19時00分~
会 場: USA NY
CPR Center for Performance Research361 Manhattan AvenueBrooklyn, NY, 11211United States